You get added to a group chat. They talk about the latest trends which you try to catch up on. Some also send jokes that are borderline obscenity. Others send a “lol”. You give up eventually and send in an emoji.

Then a game starts.

You start sending similar stuff…

Imagine a martial arts sparring session in progress.

Avni, a senior brown belt (name changed), lands a hard low kick on Sumit’s leg. Sumit limps for a moment, gathers himself and resumes the sparring.

After a while, the instructor says — “Yame” or stop, Avni and Sumit wish each other…

A little girl’s mom messaged me. The message was more like an SOS.

Girl’s Mom: A few months go a boy 3–4 years older than Reema (name changed) punched her in the chest. She couldn’t do anything, came back crying.

Me: Did you speak to that boy?

Girl’s Mom: Yes…

Shikher Gupta

Shikher is a founder of Cuttlfish, a Self-Defence and Fitness initiative. Martial Artist, Spiritual Seeker, Markerter, Coach

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